The Heartbreak of the Col de Toll on the Alp D’Kalb

Wednesday night was the hammer ride, and quite a race it was.

As it happened, the ride came down to a bold attack on the Col de Toll–the longest, most heartbreaking climb on the lead up to the Alp D’Kalb.  (the Alp D’Kalb is the biggest mount on the standard group ride route; second place falls to the Platte d’Flatte).  As the peloton crossed Perry Road, the pace picked up and the peloton thinned out into a long, single column of riders.  Without warning, the Unicorn attacked, pulling past the pack in a whir of spinning pedals and leaping up the road.

Legs were burning, hearts were pounding, and Grizzly Adams pushed up the pace.  It was too much for the peloton, and riders were ejected out the back like so much detritus.  I held on for as long as I could, and was then dropped unceremoniously.

The peloton has gotten incredibly fast this year…and I’m enjoying the challenge.


2 thoughts on “The Heartbreak of the Col de Toll on the Alp D’Kalb

    • Jim,

      I don’t know how to break this to you, so I’m going to tell you straight.

      It’s a highway overpass.

      The immediate area around DeKalb is flat cornfields. A little northwest, we get some hills. But the Alp D’Kalb is an overpass, and the Col de Toll is the approach to the overpass (over the I-88 tollway, hence the name).

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