Cycles in Life

After BLBBRBK, I shared some pictures from Matthew’s blog, Cycles in Life.  I’m going to link to his blog again today, so you can see his thoughts on the Gravel Metric.

I had a chance to talk with Matt at the pre-ride event, to see him during the event, and to talk briefly after the event.  He’s a great guy, and I can tell that he would fit into the local scene here very well if he ever finds himself in DeKalb.  Off the bike, he was personable and great to talk with.  On the bike, he was a strong rider and–perhaps more importantly–a predictable rider.  He held a line, even on loose gravel, and he tried to work together with others.  As it turned out, we were not entirely in sync–he was pulling stronger than me early in the race, and I had some more gas in the tank later in the race, so unfortunately, we didn’t get to ride together a ton…but what we did was pretty fun.

If you’re a cycling fan as I am, then you’re probably always on the lookout for good sources to read.  Matt’s blog is definitely one.  When he started writing, I was kind of chagrined–who’s this guy from Central Illinois who’s suddenly writing about Gore jackets and all of the stuff that I’m writing about?  As I’ve had the pleasure of seeing his blog more–and now the pleasure of meeting him twice–I can say that he’s the real deal, and his blog is one of my favorites to read.  If you get a minute or sixty, click over and take a look.  Now perhaps he doesn’t have as good of taste in bike shops as do I, and of course, he doesn’t have Axletree…but he’s still a pretty great dude.

In looking at his blog, I see things that I aspire to as well.  He’s a programmer by profession, and his blog has a far better aesthetic than mine.  And whether by the fact that he’s in his first year, or simply because he’s more dedicated, he has been doing a far better job of photo-documenting his bike experiences.  Total pictures taken by me at the Gravel Metric: 0.  Total taken by Matt?  Unknown, but more than zero.  He also has these incredibly cool decals for his blog.  Gonna have to look into that.

Anyhow, click over and check out his stuff, and if you’re in the Bloomington area, look him up.  And Matt, next time you come up here, we’d be happy to show you around again.  Great ride on Sunday!


3 thoughts on “Cycles in Life

  1. Wow! Thanks for the kind words! I started my blog after being inspired by your great work here, so it means a lot to read this! People like you and other Axletree members remind me why it is that I am a cyclist! I look forward to future Axletree events, riding and talking with other cyclist from the area, and all the future RATG posts! Again, thanks a lot!

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