The Afterglow.

Yesterday, I rode a short, hard ride.  A little over 14 miles, in a little over 45 minutes.  Moots, gravel, paved, hills, tiny bit of dirt.  I rode it as a time-trial, flat out for the whole time, and pushed the pace.  It was a hard effort.

I rode with the Garmin on, but ignored it.  I listened to the crunch of the CX0s on gravel, and the reassuring click of Di2 blasting through gears.  I basked in the rhythmic hum of my cadence, and the warmth of the rising sun.

For the rest of the day, I had the afterglow.  That pleasant burn in your thighs to remind you of a ride well done.  The lightness and openness in your lungs, telling you that they’re ready for another effort.  The responsiveness of your heart rate to a sustained effort.  The clarity of mind that comes with a morning’s sprint.

The afterglow is the best part of riding in the morning.


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