Salsa Bucksaw

If you’ve slept through the past two days of news, then you should be aware that the Rockshox Bluto (100mm fatbike fork) has now been released, along with…the Salsa Bucksaw.

You should click over to Salsa’s website and see the post on the development of the bike and their post on the bike’s specs.

This is the first “true” production fatbike.  Some may point to Carver or other FS fatties out there, but there has not been an earlier design that is truly a viable design.  (Have you seen the suspension linkage on the Carvers?  Scary.  Downright scary).  Interestingly, the Bucksaw has matched, 100mm/100mm travel front and rear, and sticks with the Beargrease’s 177mm rear spacing.  Also, stealth routing for a dropper post!

The Bucksaw 1 features XX1 (30T chainring) and SRAM Guide RS brakes; Bucksaw 2 is rolling with 2×10 X7/X9 combination and SRAM Guide R brakes.  Interestingly, both bikes have the same suspension parts, and both are running Marge Lite rims and 3.8″ tires (although they indicate that they are designed for use with up to 3.8″ tires on 82mm rims (think Rolling Darryl).  Overall, the specs look pretty familiar to those who know and love the Beargrease.

I’ll be super curious to see what they weigh in at, and how they ride.  The Split Pivot suspension is an amazing platform to work off of…and it will be interesting to see how it copes with a significant increase in unsprung weight.  I’m confident that, after several years of development, Salsa has it dialed in.  I’m also pretty darn sure that these will sell like hotcakes.


3 thoughts on “Salsa Bucksaw

  1. The first thing I thought of when I saw pictures of this bike is one of those Baja 1000 Trophy Trucks. Huge knobby tires, big suspension, catching air off a cliff, awesomness. I really really want one of these bikes.
    What do you think the weight is those? That’s my one concern.

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