The Winter of our Discontent

I love fat bikes.  Love them.  I also love snow.  Love it.  Love skiing, playing in the snow, riding in the snow, goofing off with my daughter in the snow…even driving in the snow.

But it’s been a trying winter.

We started getting snow in November.  At first, we were all stoked.  Actual snow, for actual snow-biking.  That sounded rad.

Then it started getting cold.  When we had the first subzero temps, I distinctly remember being excited about going out for a ride.  It was adventurous.  Daring.  Something completely new.

Then we got more snow, and more cold.  Our horizons were expanded to things like riding on a frozen river, and human curling.  It seemed so great.  And there was more snow.  And more snow.  And more snow.  And more snow.  And lots and lots of snow.  So much snow that it started being hard to ride fat bikes in the snow.  But still we rode.  And rode.  And sometimes we walked while pushing our bikes, but mostly we rode.  We lowered our air pressure until we had none.  We fixed flats, repaired mechanicals, and crashed through ice into chilly water.  Our front ends washed out in powder, our back tires slipped in slush.

But it was still fun.

Then came yet more snow.  We rode on icey crusts, riding improbable snow pump tracks.  My fondness for the Beargrease grew even more profound.

At some point, it became less fun.  We still ride, but we’re ready for winter to be over.  We’re ready for short sleeves and bib shorts.  We’re ready to suffer under a hot sun.  I’ve lost all frame of reference.  I go out to my car when it’s 20 degrees, without a jacket.  I ride when it’s 35 below zero wind chills.  I miss the feeling of pedaling skinny tires on a hard road.  I miss skittery gravel and flowy single track.

I, a lover of all things winter.  I’m ready for this one to end.  I’ve formed some truly awesome memories this winter, done some amazing things, helped to host some amazing events, and otherwise had a wonderful time.  But my discontent with cold weather riding is now leading to this:

Trainer group rides.  It ain’t pretty, folks.

At least I finally got to watch Nitro Circus.  (Sorry GMatt).


3 thoughts on “The Winter of our Discontent

  1. I’ve spent a LOT of time on the trainer during our cold and rainy winter. But I have not yet sunk so long as to have a groupd trainer ride. 😉

  2. That’s the beauty of living in the land of four seasons. We get sick of one season just in time for it to change! Personally, I can’t wait to try my Beargrease on dry single track 🙂

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