Absenteeism and Anonymity.

I’ve been absent from the blog for about a week. Professional and personal obligations have been taking my time. I’m still riding, but I’ve been dealing with some work stuff, some health stuff, some life stuff…and have been busy.

I am equal parts frustrated by the level of disclosure I have on the blog.  On one hand, it is known enough and tied to me enough that I am somewhat limited in what I write about at times.  My voice isn’t as free and open as I’d like, because while there are things I’d like to talk and write about–things that impact me as a person and as a cyclist–some of these things I keep to myself to avoid the cast of them back upon me in the public realm.  In a lot of ways, I sometimes wish that the blog was either anonymous, or that I had a life that permitted me to write whatever I wanted, without fear of consequence or repercussion.  I’m not saying I’d ever be Stevil, but having that degree of freedom–that’s something I aspire to in the future.

In the interim, I’ve also been up to my elbows in Axletree.  If you haven’t ordered your kit, do so now.  Seriously.  The order is about to go in.

What else is on the burner?  Nothing much.  A little of this…

A little of that.


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