Axletree Kits

Here they are!

We’ve been working on these for quite a while, so we hope you like them.


We’re going to elaborate on the story of the kit, but if you’re not into reading, or if you just want to give us your money right now, Click here to order.

The Design

Although the design for the kit is pretty simple, the elements of the jersey are more interesting with some explanation. At least we think so. The first thing you notice is the leaf. That leaf is from a White Oak (Quercas Alba), the state tree of Illinois. White Oak trees are common in Hopkins Park here in DeKalb, where we host our annual cyclocross race. The Hopkins Park CX is a cornerstone event in the history of Axletree and North Central Cyclery and the oaks are part of the communal memory of that event.

We decided to use a hi-resolution photo of the leaf on the jersey to stand apart from 2D designs.

It is hard to see in the image, but the side panels are printed in dark green. On the right panel, you’ll find a section of the DeKalb Bike Ordinance. Axletree was an integral part of rewriting the local code to include some unique and forward thinking anti-harassment language that clearly defines the riders’ rights and the legal penalty of physically or verbally harassing cyclists. We’re proud of this accomplishment, so we’ll wear it on our sides.

The left panel is the Axletree Rider Pledge. We created the pledge to ask cyclists to commit to better riding habits, exhibiting good character on the bike, and building community. We are asking everyone who purchases a jersey to first sign the pledge. We hope you make us look good while we help you look good. If you find yourself on the aggressive/elitist end of the rider spectrum, or if you love yelling at cars, or if you were born with ten middle fingers, this might not be the jersey for you. There are plenty of other options out there for you.

Many people ask us why we chose to do a black jersey and the answer is simple. We like them. We have white panels in the upper portions to keep the jerseys cool in the sun, but black panels in the areas that you might commonly find mud stains, soiled pockets, and beer bellies.

The Make

Capo Cycling makes a very nice product. Working with a number of custom companies over the years, we’ve come to place a value on well-made apparel. There are always cheaper options, but we like the idea of selling something that is a pleasure to own. We believe the finished quality of these kits will merit the price. The jersey is Capo’s Corsa Diavolo cut. It is a not a race cut, but it is not a baggy sport cut. It’s in-between. The sizing will run small, so when ordering, consider sizing up one size. (They’re made in Italy).

We are ordering a run of Women’s jerseys, but no bibs, because those are confusing.

The bib shorts will be Capo’s SuperCorsa bib short with their D-4 EIT chamois. These too might run one size small, so order one size up.

The Deal

We want you to buy a kit. There isn’t much money in these, but what little profit we do make will go straight towards our advocacy efforts and making our events great in 2014. Axletree is not an exclusive club, so the jerseys are available for purchase to anyone who is willing to sign the pledge and be a good advocate for cycling. You can download the pledge here, sign it, and send it our way (details on Kit Order Page).

The Jerseys are $89 and the Bibs are $129. The price for the full kit is $200 if you pre-order and pre-pay.  When you buy the kit, you also get a free pair of Axletree socks. This deal is only valid for pre-ordered kits.

Anyone who purchases an Axletree jersey is also awarded free entry in the following events: The Gravel Metric, The Night Bison, BLBBRBK, Almanzo, Ragnarok, Grumpy Grind, and any group ride.

Now that you’re totally convinced this is a good idea, head to the KITS Order Page.




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