White Tiger, Green Power Ranger, Human-Curling

Last night.

Last night was crazy.

We had the White Tiger and the Green Power Ranger on one ride.  We had studded-tire-bicycle ice-skating.  We had river riding.  We had it all.

Is the Captain in you?

So color-coordinated that it hurts.

No, really.  My eyes–they hurt.

The snow was a bit deep, getting to the river.

But the conditions on the river were fantastic.

And with the help of Chad’s SS, Titanium El Mariachi with studded tires, we did some human-curling.

No, this is not a scene from Tron / Yes, Chad, with studded tires, has enough traction to skid three grown men.

So.  Much.  Fashion.

Temps were about 14 degrees, which felt positively balmy.  I wore my Gore Windstopper Turtleneck, a Gore Jacket, and a long-sleeve jersey.  For comparison sake, that’s what I would have worn last November, if it was 40 degrees out.  Once you get confidence in your gear and get everything dialed in, it is amazing how well stuff performs.

Fun times had, memories made, river conquered.  Fatbikes.


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