Gore Windstopper Base Layer Turtleneck Review

I’ve been trying out the Gore Windstopper Turtleneck base layer for a few rides lately.  Here it is:

Nice, zippered front for great adjustability.

The front, shoulders and arms are all made from a thin layer of windstopper–incredibly effective at stopping cold from getting to you, and yet super-breathable like all of the windstopper items I’ve tried.

The armpits and back feature a breathable, non-windstopper mesh for even better ventilation.

From a function perspective, this is a great piece of kit.  When I last wore it, the temp was about 30 degrees, sunny, and light wind.  I wore this under a winter jersey, and nothing else…I was super-comfortable.  When I was working hard, I unzipped the jersey and the collar of the base layer a bit, and when I was cooling off, I zipped back up.  Great temperature regulation.  I didn’t have any issues with moisture buildup, even though I was working pretty hard, and sweating pretty hard–it’s highly breathable.

Regular readers know how fond I am of the Windstopper Singlet.  This is the singlet, with arms, a zipper and a higher collar.  The singlet is perfect for spring/fall use, and this is perfect for winter use.  I firmly believe that the base layer is one of the most critical layers of clothing.  If you have a great outer layer and wear cotton under it, you’ll get soaked, and then cold.  A good, wicking, windproof base layer goes a long ways towards rider comfort.

A note on sizing.  I’m normally a medium in just about everything I wear in Gore…and the base layer is pretty stretchy…but in this case, I’m wearing a Large.  It fits perfectly, has great arm length, and is sized ideally.  If you can try on the base layer before ordering (such as by going to a great shop like North Central Cyclery), do so.  If you cannot try it on, look carefully at the sizing.  Had I ordered this, I probably would have ordered a medium, and it would have been very snug.  The large is the better option for me, in this instance.

Anyhow, great kit, highly recommended.  Here it is in action, under a winter jersey:


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