BLBBRBK 2014 Details

BLBBRBK is on.  Next Sunday, January 26, 2014 at 10:00am.

We have spent the past year searching for the perfect venue.  We’ve looked in forest preserves, parks, private property, farms, creeks, over hill and over dale.

We found it.

BLBBRBK will be at the Campton County Forest Preserve, in Campton Hills, Illinois.  The closest address is 4N498 Town Hall Road, St. Charles, IL.  Here are the directions:

From the west (North or South), take Illinois Route 47  to Illinois Route 64.  Go East on Route 64 to Town Hall Road (about 2-3 miles).  Turn South on Town Hall Road.  (If you reach the McDonalds in Campton Hills, you’ve gone too far).  Once you turn South on Town Hall Road, look for the first park entrance on the left (east) side of the road.  Stay to the right, and drive to the end of the road.  We’ll be in the shelter.

From the East, take Randall Road to Illinois Route 64.  Go West on Route 64 to Town Hall Road (a few miles after you pass through Campton Hills (old Wasco) and go past the McDonalds.  When you get to Town Hall Road, turn Left (south).  Then, follow the directions in the previous paragraph.

In the above picture, we’re going to be in the building next to the ^^^^^^parking lot shown right above the carats.

Don’t forget to bring your fatbike.  Don’t forget to bring a sled.  A sled is required for the race start–at least one per team.

Race starts promptly at 10am.  There are bathrooms on-site, but not much else in the way of facilities.  Bring your own supplies, and plan on being self-sufficient with food and water.

Check-in starts around 9:30ish.

The course is somewhere between 2-40 miles long.  Plan on riding laps.  Laps will take about 20 minutes, so bring warm clothes for the period in between laps.  We’ll have a fire going, but the forecast is chilly.

The snow conditions should be perfect, and the route is amazing.

You can bring your own course map.  Here’s how you do it:

1)  Extend your open hand in front of your face, palm towards your face.

2)  Bend your pinky and ring fingers down towards your palm.

3)  Slightly extend your thumb from your hand.

4)  Bend your index finger down towards your palm.

Like this:

No really.  This is the course map:

We do ask that you refrain from pre-riding the course or doing pre-ride recon.  We’re working on having perfect conditions, and a few surprises, so wait until next Sunday.  It’ll be worth it.

See you next Sunday, January 26, 2014…at 9:30 for registration.  Fatbikes (3+ inch tires) only.  Note that you can have 2 riders per bike!

If you’re coming, hit us up on the BLBBRBK Facebook page, so we know to expect you.



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