Moots PsychloX Frame and Drivetrain For Sale! (Sold)

You no can haz.

Bike has been sold.


Any regular reader knows that I’m deeply in love with my Moots Psychlo X.  IT’s also featured here.  And then there’s the content from here.  And also here.  It’s this bike:

In fact, it’s actually this bike:

Let’s start with the why: I’m not going away from Moots.  I’m working on a new project, to be revealed in a couple months, that will be pretty spectacular.  So there’s no problem with the frame, or with Moots.  I’m doing something that requires some tweaks.  And no, there won’t be any spoilers, so don’t ask.

So what’s for sale here?

55cm Moots PsychloX.  This is a 2013 frame, ridden for just a couple months.  It features under-top-tube mounting for cables/housing, and is set up for full length housing for brakes and drivetrain.  It has the optional rack mounts, for more versatility.  It has disc-brake mounts.  It has the third bottle cage mount under the down tube, and the front wheel spacing is set up to allow full use of that third bottle-cage, without tire/bottle overlap.  Tapered head tube allows a great deal of flexibility with your fork selection.

Chris King Ceramic BB.  Brand new on this bike, used just for a couple months.

SRAM Red 22 Drivetrain and brakes.  When initially sold, the bike will come with the SRAM Red 22 drivetrain with an eleven speed 11-28 cassette and a compact (50/34) SRAM Red 22 crankset (in the aforementioned Chris King BB).  It will also have a set of brand new, never used SRAM BB7 mechanical brakes with brand-new, never used brifters for the 22speed drivetrain.  As soon as SRAM releases the revised hydro brakes, I will provide the warranty replacements to the purchaser…so you’ll have a complete drivetrain, a complete set of mechanical brakes (with brifters) and a complete set of hydro brakes (with brifters).

Things that are not included: Seatpost, saddle, stem, handlebars, headset, spacers, fork, wheels/tires, brake rotors, bottle cages, pedals.  (What is included: frameset, BB, drivetrain, brakes, brifters.)

Things you will need to buy to have a functional bike: Seatpost, stem, handlebars, headset, spacers, fork, wheels/tires, brake rotors, bottle cages, pedals.  I’d also recommend a saddle, but that’s up to you.

Here’s the disclosure of damage to the bike:


About the only thing I can find are some scuff marks on the crank arms.  Here are some pictures from today.

If you need more components, I can wrestle up some more parts for additional cashola.  I’m a pretty reasonable guy, so drop me a line with questions. Here’s the geometry:



5 thoughts on “Moots PsychloX Frame and Drivetrain For Sale! (Sold)

  1. I always have been a little jealous of that bike but unfortunately I like my bike to much and I don’t have the cash anyways.

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