Salsa Beargrease: Bottlecage Screws

Yes.  I’m writing a post about bottle cage screws.  I’m writing this post because bottle cage screws are emblematic of a larger message.  Here’s a very dirty Beargrease, showing some screws.

What’s important about them?

They’re GREEN.

Why is that important?

It’s important because the bike is black and green.

Still missing it?

If you get a green Beargrease, you get green screws.  If you get an X9 Beargrease, the contrasting color on the down tube is purple/blue, not green.  And the bottle cage screws on the X9 Beargrease are blue.

When Salsa spec’d the bike, they could have just used normal screws on the bottle cages.  They could have used silver, or black anodized screws.  They didn’t.  Someone was paying attention to all of the details…and they used perfectly matching, green-annodized screws on the XX1 Beargrease.  They used perfectly matching, blue-annodized screws on the X9 Beargrease.

I’m writing about this for two reasons.  First, at some point in the spec’ing of this bike, someone sat down and thought about bottle cage screw color.  That’s the kind of obsessive attention to detail that I love.  Whomever made that decision, my hat is off to you, and I wanted to drop you a little love via blog.  I noticed, and it’s awesome.  (Whomever you are, know that people notice that you were paying attention when you spec’d the bike out).

Second, I think it speaks to a much larger issue.  When Salsa built this bike, they did it right.  They paid attention to everything–from the biggest design issues to the smallest aesthetic issues.  It’s fantastic.  This bike is one of my favorite bikes of all time, and I’ve been loving it.  I’ve been loving it because Salsa fixed any potential problems before the bike was released.  It is so well thought-out, so well-conceived…it’s perfect.

Right down to the bottle cage screws.  Good Job, Salsa.


One thought on “Salsa Beargrease: Bottlecage Screws

  1. This post reveals how we work. We, as in bike geeks. I love it. A post about bottle cage screws is all i need today. I totally get it. The rain pours when the temperature should be way below freezing point. We should have lots of snow by now but we don´t. I´m having the worst winter i can remember. My Mukluk is longing for snow trails but this year they seem far… Thanks!

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