Beargrease Love

I am in love with my Beargrease.  Today, the day after Christmas, I rolled out early to hit the snow before dawn.  12 degrees, little to no wind, and a few inches of wind-driven snow.  I hit some gravel roads that were unplowed and untracked, and enjoyed the solitude of snow-covered tires crunch-munching through driftlets.  I hit the forest preserve and churned through deeper snow, finding that in many areas, the crust would support me and allow me to ride through ridiculously deep drifts.  I ran a few errands in full snowbiking regalia, and generally had an awesome time.

When the air is cold and the snow is powdery, if you ride fast enough, your tires throw up a little shimmering cloud of powder coming off of the tread.  It’s mesmerizing.

I have nothing but praise for the Beargrease.  I haven’t had a bad ride on it.  For my early worries about the 28T chainring, it’s perfect for snow.  For the summer, I might throw a 30 or 32T on there to have a bit more top end, but e-gads it’s fun with the stock gearing in the winter.

Snowbiking allows me to use some of my favorite gear–my Wolvhammers, my Gore stuff, and my Salsa Beargrease.

Get out and ride.


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