The Need for Bigger Knards.

Short post today…

I’ve had the chance to spend quite a bit of time around Krampii.  I’ve seen Chad do amazing things on mountain bike trails, and I’ve seen Brendan horse one through pretty horrendous mud at Brown County, and now blast down some serious snow action.  The Krampus is the 29+ bike…tires that are marketed as being essentially 29×3.  Looking at tire clearance on the bike, it looks like there’s room for 29×3.5″ tires.

In mud and wet clay, the Knards ball up pretty quickly.  On wet trails, they’re relatively slippery on leaves and roots.  In snow, they’re simply not aggressive enough, either laterally for forward/aft.  They’re great in dry conditions, they’re great in gravel, they roll fast, etc.  The mini-Knard (700c) version makes a lot of sense.  But to state the obvious, there’s a need for a maxi-Knard.

We need a 3.5″ 29+ tire with aggressive tread…a 29+ Dillinger, for example.  That’s what will be needed to take the Krampus, or the new ECR, to the next level.  Tire world, get on it!


10 thoughts on “The Need for Bigger Knards.

      • This tire was designed to be a grippier, more playful, throw the bike around tire.
        Last time I was hanging out with Adam, who is a Surly Engineer with a bmx to mountain bike background, he was telling me about his riding as of late.
        He has been riding his Krampus with a Fox on the front and ardents, and hitting all kinds of gnarly trails in British Columbia and elsewhere. Riding in BC is wet and has tons of slippery rocks and roots, and a suspension fork has less clearance, thus this tire was born.

        The end.

  1. Between the well-worn knobs on my Knard 3.0s and the chainstays, there’s only .235″ on the left and .18″ on the right. There’s not much room for mud as it is. I don’t see any way to go wider without widening the BB and thus incurring a nonstandard component penalty.

    It seems to me that if a fatter general-purpose mountain bike is the goal, regular fatbike tires on narrower rims with a MTB fatbike geometry — like the Sandman setups — are probably the way to go.

    I wonder if you could fit Nates or Dillingers on those 40mm Derby 650b rims and still get them to work on any production fatbike frames.

  2. I like turtles. Surly, dont be stupid Dummy. Make some gnar knobbies. My gnar shreddy is lacking in frozen water vapor conditions. How can I huck if your tires suck?


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