Gore Alp-X GT 3/4 Pants Update

I had previously reviewed these pants here, after Brown County’s rainapalooza.

Last night, the forecast called for a chance of rain.  Temps of around 48, dropping to around 40.  The roads were wet and muddy.  The gravel would be squishy.  It was a perfect night to bust out the 3/4 pants.

I threw on a pair of bib knickers, and these pants over them, and braced for the worst.  Here’s a down-view.

Here’s a side-view.  Note the reflective striping.

The pants were perfect for the conditions.  They blocked the wind, they stopped the rain, and they managed the temp swings with aplomb.  They were the perfect pants for the conditions.  Longer pants may have been too hot, and would have been pushing into the drivetrain with the strong winds.  The fit of the 3/4 pants is aggressive enough that they don’t flap around in an annoying fashion.  They cover what needs to be covered, and they stay out of the way.

It goes without saying, but they’re 100% waterproof, and amazingly breathable.  I was getting sprayed from the road, the rain, and the wind, and I ended the ride dry underneath.  It is amazing how effective the fabric is.  This is what the bike looked like, post ride:

I’ve continued using these pants since Brown County, and they’re a very versatile tool to have in the cycling toolkit.  They make otherwise unrideable weather rideable.  They’re great.  Notwithstanding the perpetually crappy conditions I wear them in, they are not showing any signs of deterioration at all.  They carry my highest recommendation.


One thought on “Gore Alp-X GT 3/4 Pants Update

  1. Hi Dean,

    Enjoy your reviews. I find the Gore web site hard to navigate to narrow my choices down. I am looking for the warmest pair of padded tights they have and the warmest gloves. Any thoughts?


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