Ritchey Swiss Cross For Sale

I don’t normally hock other people’s stuff on here, but the owner of this particular bike happens to be a very good friend of mine, blah blah blah (insert a number of personal reasons why I’m posting this).

Anywho, he’s got a beautiful Ritchey Swiss Cross, and here’s his description:

You are looking at my Ritchey Swiss Cross.
It is for sale.
Size 59 (fits more like a 58)
Ritchey Logic Tubing in stunning wet red
Ricthey Crabon Fibrous spork in stunning wet red
Thomson Elite post
Thomson X4 stem 110mm 0 degree
Fizik Arione saddle
FSA Wing Pro bars 44 width
Shimano Ultegra 6700 with CX crank
Shimano Ultegra canti brakes with salmon pads (made from real salmon)
Sycnros wheels with DT star ratchet internal hubs
Zipp skewers
Clement LAS tires (or tyres if you fancy now)

Bike is in excellent shape. Ridden lovingly by me. Nurtured and cared for by me. Built and owned only by me.

$2200 cash money. Bike is in Geneva, IL. I frequently travel to the far reaches of the Midwest and Lower Middle Earth. I can deliver within reason if it fits my schedule. Otherwise, you likey, you come pickey up.

It’s a sweet bike that I hate to see go, but the dude’s got priorities, and they’re in order.  If you’re interested, either drop me a comment, or drop him an email.  Real salmon pads.  You can’t get that in the store.


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