Gore Xenon Windstopper Tights Review.

Yesterday, I posted the review of the corresponding Xenon jacket.  Here’s the matching tights.

Note the stirrups and reflective strips.

I know how much y’all like the garage selfies…

With the stirrups, the tights stay perfectly in place, and work great with my winter shoes.

The tights go up relatively high on the chest, with a zipper.  That keeps wind off of your midsection in a comfortable fashion.

Super-breathable and comfy bib straps.

And yes, that’s a Gore Windstopper Singlet underneath.

Last year, I was wearing a pair of Gore windstopper bibs that didn’t have a chamois–so you’d wear bibs underneath.  The Xenon have an integrated–and very comfortable–chamois.  I’m finding that I like this one-piece setup better.  At the end of a ride, I’m drier, even if it was a hard ride.

The Xenon tights have an interesting mix of stretchy and non-stretchy fabrics….they stretch where you need it, allowing a free range of motion, but are stiffer in other areas…presumably to provide a better windstopping effect.  They are a smidge tight when you’re pulling the stirrups on over your feet, and a bit tight in the hips/junk region when pulling them up and on…but once on, they’re super-comfortable.  They do not have vent zippers, nor do I think they need it.  I’ve worn them in temps from 50 down to 25 thus far, and they’ve been great in those conditions.  Typically, if the temps will be 45 or higher, I’ll wear 3/4 bibs.  But on those days where it’s started cold and gotten warmer, I’ve had the Xenons on and been comfortable.

Even when the temp dropped to 25, I stayed warm on the bike.  I’ve encountered some light rain in these tights, and had no issues with waterproofness.  In a heavy downpour, there might be a different result, but thus far, I’ve not encountered those conditions on a ride, in these tights.

The fabric on these is a fabric that will catch burrs and such.  While I like wearing form-fitting clothes for just about all riding, I don’t think these will be seeing much fatbike bushwhacking…I’ll save that for my Magic Pants.  But for road, gravel, touring, etc., these are fantastic.  They make a great combination with the Xenon 2.0 jacket reviewed yesterday (link above) and a great addition to winter kit.  Again, I highly recommend going to a winter bib with integrated chamois like this–its more comfortable than a 2 piece setup.

The only change I’d contemplate to these tights would be the possible addition of a zipper at the rear (heel) on the leg.  That would make it easier to put the tights on, without compromising windproofness.  I don’t know if it would be possible to do that without creating an uncomfortable zipper spot somewhere in your shoe, so that may or may not be a good idea.  Perhaps just a bit more stretchiness in the stirrup area would help.

Otherwise, they’re perfect.  The only bad news: you no longer have an excuse to stay inside on those cold, windy winter days.


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