Celiac Update

I don’t write about Celiac’s Disease much, because I don’t like writing about it.  But my darling wife has reminded me that this blog is in part about Celiac’s, and has suggested I should give an update.  I’m also reminded of the people that have written me about their own Celiac issues or gluten intolerances or other similar health conditions, and I continue to wish the very best to anyone who has to deal with issues of this nature.

Things have been relatively stable of late.  I’ve gone nearly four months while keeping my weight over 150 pounds.  I’m at 153 right now, and holding there pretty nicely.  I’m still getting my riding in, although the coming cold weather (and cold mornings) has been hard to face this early in the year.  I know, it’s October.  I’ve just enjoyed the warmth of the Indian Summer we’ve had of late.

I haven’t had any blood tests in a while.  I feel like my food/vitamin/supplement regimen is pretty solid, and other than dropping a licorice supplement and replacing it with something else (the name of which currently escapes me), I haven’t made any changes.  I haven’t been glutened in a couple of months–which is the product of an increasing reluctance on my part to expand my repertoire of restaurants to frequent.  That said, it has to be noted that there are more and more restaurants that are friendly to persons with allergies such as myself.  On Saturday, I was eating breakfast at a local diner-type place in DeKalb, and was looking to explaining my issues to the waitress with some considerable dread.  Much to my surprise, her daughter had a gluten intolerance, and she was instantly familiar with my concerns and very, very accommodating.

The summer brought some riding challenges, as I outlined in my Catchup Post.  I started the summer having some energy issues and potentially a bit ‘o anemia.  That seems to have resolved itself (I started eating more to account for riding more), and as the year has progressed, I feel pretty good.

Much to my chagrin, it appears as though my own daughter may have a gluten and/or dairy intolerance.  We’ve known for a while that when she eats too much dairy, it affects her adversely…but the gluten thing seems to be a more recent problem.  It’s hard enough for me, an adult, to deal with being GF/DF sometimes, as I jealously watch friends scarf down hot, greasy pizza…I can’t imagine what it would be like for a 5-year-old.  But kids are adaptable…so maybe this will be easier for her than it was for me.  In any event, it’s something we continue to watch.

We’re continuing to live without health insurance, anticipating changes in the marketplace in the coming months, so the current health plan is to maintain diet and supplements, and not undertake medical care unless there are obvious issues.  The previous course of regular blood tests and such has been discontinued.  I’m not sure if that’s a good idea or not, but things seem stable, so we’re ok for now.  It’s odd to feel like I have a dog in the hunt, as I listen to national debates about healthcare.  Preexisting condition denial is a real thing, and one that I never thought I’d have to deal with.  That seems like the kind of problem that other people have.

Anyhow, enough personal info for one blog post.  We’ll now return to our regularly scheduled bike programming.  And with any luck, in the next week or two, you’ll be seeing a Carbon Beargrease up on the screen here…


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