Project 321 Lefty Update, Part Deux.

So after a few minutes of briggling in the garage today, here’s the update…

  • I removed the 70mm Thomson stem and replaced it with a 100mm 5 degree Salsa stem.  (Surprisingly, the Salsa stem is 2 grams lighter, so I’m pretty sure I’ll be, like, 50% faster.  Everyone knows that stem weight counts the most).
  • With the longer stem, the bars clear the fork.
  • I now have the stem slammed, set up for negative rise (5 degrees down).  With the ENVE DH riser bars, it’s about perfect.

Pardon the crappy pics.

Once I confirm that this is the hot setup, I’ll do some steerer tube trimming.  I’m doing the Brown County Breakdown in a few weeks, and will need to confirm that I’m going to be happy on this seatpost.  The more and more I ride, the more I want a longer seatpost.  We’ll see.

This does make me retract, or at least limit, my previous Project 321 criticism, though.  If you can live with a longer stem, it works.


One thought on “Project 321 Lefty Update, Part Deux.

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