Big (Fat) Dummy

You know by now that I have a thing for Fat Cargo bikes (see here, too).

Surly just put this up on their blog.  In short, it shows that you can fit 26+ wheels (the new 26″ rabbit holes) on a stock Big Dummy.


If you’re willing to throw on an alternate fork, you could go full-fat up front, and mostly-fat (2.75″) in the rear.

I like where this is going.


4 thoughts on “Big (Fat) Dummy

  1. I would absolutely buy a fat-tire big dummy if Surly released one. I just bought a new Pugsley so I can wait for a little bit………c’mon Surly – DO IT! And name it the Wild Boar……

  2. I would buy a fat-tyre Big Dummy in a heart beat. Here’s hoping they release it in the next couple of months. Until then, I’ll enjoy the Pugsley I just bought………

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