Salsa’s Doing it Right

Yesterday, I received a constant contact email from Salsa.  If you want to see the full contents, click here.

In the email, were the following two bikes:

Ti Fargo:

Carbon Beargrease:

Take a minute and look at those two photos.  The aesthetics of those two bikes are just mind-blowing.  They’re gorgeous.

That’s all I wanted to say.  They’re beautiful, and Salsa’s doing it right.


5 thoughts on “Salsa’s Doing it Right

  1. I waited for the Salsa Catalog to show up at my shop so I could see the parts spec on the Ti Fargo. It took me about 5 minutes to decide to order one as an replacement for my combo Gen1/Gen2 Fargo. Despite what is shown in the photo, the Ti Fargo is spec’d to ship with the new Salsa Ti seatpost. I’m hoping to get some back to back rides on both to see how they compare.

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