Salsa Warbird Ti Review (Repost)

I’m going to link you over to my buddy Chadquest’s blog, with his excellent post on the Ti Warbird.

Chad’s Warbird is a beaut.  What’s funny is his perspective versus mine.  I came from a bike that had similar geometry to the Warbird (my Vaya–lower BB, longer chainstays), to a bike that has much more aggressive geometry (shorter chainstays, higher BB, a touch faster steering on the Moots).  I’ve done long gravel rides on both–century plus rides.  I went to the Moots because I wanted the more aggressive geometry.

With the amazing tubing layup of the Moots, I don’t notice any diminished ride quality compared to the Vaya.  However, I do notice how much more responsive the Moots is when I really get on it.  Particularly on hills–if you stand and sprint, it feels like you’ve got a giant rubber band shooting you forward.

I was worried that the higher BB and shorter wheelbase would hinder stability and make all-day efforts a chore.  It hasn’t.  I appreciate the higher BB on B-roads (fewer pedal strikes) and on my CX or singletrack adventures.  I appreciate it on fast corners on pavement.  I haven’t noticed any problems with stability–even on fast, loose downhills.  Part of that may be my lightness, part of it may be comfort with gravel, part of it may be the incredible dampening of the Moots frame, and part of it may be that I don’t ride 300 miles at a shot, at night, in central Iowa.  If I had a choice between the geometry of the Warbird and the geometry of the Moots, I’d pick the Moots.  All day.  And if I had a choice between the tubing of the Vaya and the tubing of the Moots, I’d pick the Moots.

That said, Chad’s a smart guy, and I trust his recommendations.  Riding a Ti Warbird isn’t exactly slumming, and Chad has the ability to churn through just about anything on his.  It’s a pretty bike.  You should get one.


3 thoughts on “Salsa Warbird Ti Review (Repost)

  1. Huh?

    The Warbird and Vaya geometries are very different, nearly an inch in the stays and .5c at the bb. And the tubing characteristics are as far apart as the Moots and Vayas are. As i mentioned Lynskey does not have nearly the production capabilities as the new supplier, and the Warbird is also made using extruded methods of tubing production.

    I don’t really see how the Vaya and Warbird got grouped together compared to the moots.

  2. So this is somewhat an unrelated post to the above review but it does relate to the Warbird. I’m responding to this post as it’s the most recent about the Warbird on your blog. I recently bought a 2013 Warbird 2 frameset (brand new at half price) and after the fact noticed that Salsa has changed the bottom bracket for the 2014 models. I saw mention of BBP 30 to fit the 2013. I’m curious as to what type of BB this is and do I have to use it? Is it a press-fit? What was your experience of it?


    • Julie,

      The BB in the Warbird is the BB86, a press fit bottom bracket. I don’t have much experience with that particular BB, but I have used PF30 BBs on my Spearfish. Chad has had great success, with a ton of miles, on his Warbird Ti BB.

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