45NRTH Fasterkatt

Just a quick note:

I’m a huge fan of my Wölvhammers, and was interested to hear about 45NRTH’s new Fasterkatt shoes.  Lighter, sleeker, and more performance-oriented, the new shoes look like a great addition to the 45NRTH lineup.

Tobie at North Central Cyclery got an inside line on the fit of the new shoes, and was kind enough to share some details over on his blog.  If you’re looking at the new shoes, this is info you need on fit and sizing.


2 thoughts on “45NRTH Fasterkatt

  1. Just got my Fasterkatts in the mail today. From what little I have worn them (I went for a short ride around the neighborhood today) they are quite good and should be perfect for the Portland, OR winters. I normally wear a size 45 but I got these in a 46 to take into account thicker wool socks and they fit just fine. They are a little clunky walking around but the tread protects the cleats from the floor, which is good. The house I live in has all wood floors so I don’t want to go scratching up the nice wood.
    One thing about the cleats. I’m using Crankbrothers cleats and you will definitely want the shields otherwise good luck getting into and out of your pedals.

    • Sounds great, Daniel! From what I’ve heard thus far, going a size or two larger than normal is the right move. I’ve also heard that they’re very waterproof, but not nearly in the same ballpark as a Wolvhammer from a warmth perspective…and perhaps not quite as warm as the Shimano MW81s. They are looking great!

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