Best Ride Ever.

And we’re back, after a bit of scheduled downtime.  Over the Fourth, I had a weekend wedding in Wisconsin, so the family and I headed up north to the Spring Green area.  Ye Olde Trusty Moots came along with for the ride.  I’m going to talk about part of one day’s ride in this post.

On Saturday morning, we headed up to Cave of the Mounds to do the tourist thing.  Thereafter, we had to get back to the hotel to eat lunch and prepare for the wedding.  I did a presto-changeo in the back of my car, and emerged as Moots Man.

I biked back from Cave of the Mounds to the hotel.  Being somewhat short on time, I decided to time trial this ride.  I decided to push as hard as I could push, for as long as I could push, and see how fast I could get the ride done.  I knew my route was 22 miles, and I knew there would be some climbing, but I wasn’t sure how much.  Seeing Sweeney Road on the way, I knew there would be some uphill stints, for sure.

The weather was perfect, the roads were clear, and the ride was glorious.

And the Moots?  It was Moot-tastic.

I ended up having 878 feet of climbing and just over 22 miles in 59 minutes.  I rode harder than I’ve ever ridden on a solo ride, and frankly, for me, I rode magnificently.  It was fantastic.  Perfect weather, perfect roads, perfect bike.

It was the best ride ever.


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