Salsa Split Pivot: The Real McCoy

So perhaps some pics on here got out sooner than Salsa expected–although again, all I was doing was parroting the detective work done by others, as it was forwarded to me.  I’m pleased to see that RATG was a source of accurate information.  (And perhaps just a tad bit smug that it scooped Dirtrag…which still hasn’t updated its website with a post).

Someone at Salsa was kind enough to officially forward some materials on the new Horsethief and Spearfish.  No geometry yet…but my guess is that we’re looking at shorter chainstays, given the new suspension design, the new BB, and the drivetrain options.  I wouldn’t be surprised if the BB is a tad bit higher, either.  Not sure what’ll happen up front–slacker or not.  Spearfish remains 100mm/80mm.  Horsethief is 130/120.

Looks like a direct mount front deraileur and revised cable routing, as well.

Holy crap are the colors hot.  Someone at Salsa deserves a raise.  (No, really.  The annodizing looks Hamazing.)

And, if I dare say so…Spearfish + ENVE rims = WIN.  (Ironically, press shots show ENVE.  Build specs show predominantly Stans).

Their ‘official message’ is here.  If that link doesn’t work, here’s the details:


Wow.  Hotness.  Hawt.

I’ll be curious to see the geometry…and to see how the Split Pivot affects the feel of the rear end.  I have no complaints about the 80mm of travel on the Superfish…but I’ll be curious, nonetheless.

I’m not surprised to see that Salsa’s sticking with Aluminum…at least for now.  There’s some pretty fancy-schmancy tube forming going on there…

Sometime soon…test-ride.


2 thoughts on “Salsa Split Pivot: The Real McCoy

  1. The new, on-top-of-the-downtube cable routing looks way, way tidier and elegant than the 2013 model, that’s for sure.

    Love my current Spearfish….but these do look better sorted out.
    Very eager to see what the new bikes’ BB drop and chainstay length numbers are.

  2. That’s the first time I’ve seen X01 in a spec sheet. $1100 saving including lower spec fork, shock, seatpost and rear hub (afaics).

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