Salsa Split-Pivot Part Deux

Eagle-Eyed Readers have pointed me towards this photo of the alleged new frame.

Does look like a split pivot.  Aluminum.  Rear thru-axle (12×142?).  Fox CTD rear shock.  You can see the front derailleur mount, too.  Maintains the existing seat-tube bracing, the cross-chainstay brace…hmmm….


4 thoughts on “Salsa Split-Pivot Part Deux

  1. Salsa briefly had a blog post up about this, but appears to have taken it down ( ). The text of the post was:

    Salsa & Split Pivot
    We’re excited to announce that Salsa is partnering with premier suspension designer Dave Weagle, and incorporating his Split Pivot rear suspension design into our 2014 Spearfish and Horsethief mountain bikes.

    In the simplest terms, Split Pivot uses a concentric rear axle pivot. That pivot, in conjunction with precise wheel link, brake link, and control link placement, results in several performance gains:

    Exceptional bump compliance

    Maximum traction

    Incredible pedaling efficiency

    Predictable braking

    Improved frame geometry due to the elimination of unwanted suspension movement during acceleration and braking

    Stay tuned over the next days, weeks, and months, as we share more information with you on our first Split Pivot bikes.

  2. Looks super nice!

    Same axle-centric rear pivot arrangement as the Trek Fuel/Remedy bikes have had since about 2007 — (never did hear how the legal wrestling worked out between Trek and Dave Weagle on that, btw…..)

    I’ll be tempted to trade-up my current 2012 ‘Fish for that new 2014 version if a) the BB is just a SMIDGE higher and b) the suspension travel is just a TAD longer…. 🙂

    Way to go Salsa!!!

    • It does look nice. Way back long ago, when I was riding a Rumblefish, I used to comment on how much I liked the brake-centric pivot point (which Trek calls Active Brake Pivot or ABP). I’ll be excited to see this new ride in person.

  3. BTW — I really love your blog.

    Ended up here (and staying) after google searches for both Salsa bikes (my favorite) and Wheat intolerance (not my favorite) landed me in the same place. I’ve had a yeast/wheat allergy for 2 years now…..and my Salsa Spearfish for almost 1 year (the latter, in large part, due to your awesome/enthusiastic write-ups about these great bikes at a time when hardly anyone else was paying them much attention.)

    Thanks for such a rad blog!!!! Really dig your spirited mix of philosophical and analytic evaluation of all things bikes (and gluten).

    Cheers — Mike T!
    Orange, CA

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