The Kona Aesthetic

I’ve never ridden a Kona bike.  I don’t think I’ve ever even laid hands on one.  So this post isn’t really about their bikes…it’s about their aesthetics.

More specifically, about their advertisements.

Kona has been running a series of very simple ads.  They picture a Kona bike, prominently featured, in its native habitat.  Simple text.  To the point.  Like this:

They’ve had the Abra Cadabra, the Rove (their gravel oriented bike), and a couple of others. I don’t normally take time to comment on advertising, but I really like the aesthetic of their ads.  Simple, clean, and to the point.  They draw your attention to the bike.  No misplaced humor.  No ridiculously technical discussion of design merit.  Just the bike–where it should be.

If the goal of the ads is to get you to look up the bike and see what it is, then mission accomplished, Kona.  Seriously–I wouldn’t ordinarily consider myself to be susceptible to advertisements…but this is the first time in as long as I can remember that I saw an ad and made a note to look up the product.  It’s a well-done advertisement.


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