Thank You, We’re Sorry, and You’re Welcome.

The Gravel Metric - presented by AXLETREE.

We wanted to thank everyone again for coming out and riding the Metric this year.3d9b1b5ec70211e2a73822000aaa08a0_7

Year after year, we find ourselves humbled and amazed by the attendance. Every year we’re reminded that the type of people who want to ride 62+ miles of gravel are our kind of people. Thank you for being good people.

We want to thank our sponsors – Salsa Cycles, Clement Cycling, GORE Bike Wear and Skratch Labs – for their physical and metaphysical support this year. Having friends from those companies come and experience the event with us is what makes them great partners. Thank you to Donn from Clement for bringing Ben Berden and Caroline Mani to ride this year – Ben was the first rider back (he won) and Caroline won the award for nicest rider on the course, entertaining riders and fixing their bikes along the way.

We wanted to…

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