Project 321 Lefty Update

It looks a little strange…

But there’s no arguing with how it works.

I went to a short Thomson stem and ENVE carbon bars at the same time as the Lefty, so there’s been some real changes.

In short, the front end is way lighter and faster.  Turning is right now, but not in a twitchy or nervous way.  Small bump compliance is noticeably better, large bump compliance is at least as good, stiction is non-existent.  Easy to set the pressure, and the handlebar mounted lockout is a serious boon.  I use it way more than I thought I would…not because it needs lockout frequently, but because I can–it’s there.  It’s easy.  It’s fun.

The difference in front end weight is hugely noticeable…I’ve had to recalibrate hopping obstacles, because with the lighter front end, I’ve been pulling the front up too much, resulting in a lot of tail-first landings.

The bars are something like 800mm wide.  I think I’ll cut them down to around 760ish and see how they feel there.  The DH bars aren’t what I’d pick, but they were a deal I couldn’t refuse.

There is no noticeable deflection, sway, give, etc., in the Lefty or the Project 321 mounts.  Everything feels solid, reassuring, fast.  Fork (strut?) tuning is very, very simple.  The plastic shield does a great job of keeping the fork clean and scratch free.  It’s a great upgrade in every way.  Long term durability will be seen.



2 thoughts on “Project 321 Lefty Update

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