Mukluk For Sale

I had previously hinted that the Muk might be going up for sale.  With that hint, I had someone contact me and indicate that he wanted to buy the Muk (and even make a deposit), but he ran into spousal difficulty, and thus backed out.  I’ll make it formal now: the Mukluk is for sale.

My Muk has gone through a lot of iterations, that have been extensively blogged on here.  The current spec is how I anticipate selling it–so look at the pics in this post.

General info:

Original build info here.

2012 Mukluk 2.  First year for the lighter, anodized frame.  E-13 triple chainring up front–that’s stock.  I’m currently running a like new (literally–call it 99%) Sram 990 9 speed cassette–about the lightest available.  X7 front derailleur, X9 Rear derailleur.  I upgraded from the stock gripshifts to X9 trigger shifters, that function perfectly.  Full length housing, including a super-schweet sealed Jagwire housing on the rear derailleur.  The BB was replaced several months ago, spins perfectly.  The bike has been the subject of my OCD-maintenance complex.

X0 hydraulic brakes.

Carver carbon fork (and I’ll include the stock Salsa fork as well).  There’s a ton of steerer, so you can customize your riding position.

2 Anything Cages, 2 regular bottle cages.

Thomson Masterpiece seatpost.

WTB Silverado Thinline saddle (new).

Race Face Next SL carbon bars (with the metal anti-crush insert at the stem).

Ergon GS1 race grips.

(No pedals).

Super-cool custom Axletree stickers.

It’s set up tubeless, with Husker Dus.  The tires are in great shape, and have never had a puncture.

I’ll include a Bontrager rack that fits the bike like it was made for it–and matches color perfectly.

This is a 17″ model.  I’m 6′ with a 33″ inseam…for a snowbike, I wanted to size down, so I could move around on the bike easily.  That said, the 17″ frame also accommodates smaller riders.  Pretty much anyone between 3′ and 7’4″ will be comfortable on this bike.  I do not recommend it for persons under 3′ in height, nor for persons 7’5″ or taller.

This bike has had every key upgrade you could want–an awesome seatpost, handles, bars, tubeless, carbon fork.  Unlike the Beargrease, this has rack mounts.  It’s race-light, but can also be pressed into service for bike camping gravel grinding, or just about any other use you can conceive of.  It has been used–there are some scuffs on the decals and such–and I can provide more pics of anything you’d like.  But it has been used lovingly, and maintained obsessively.

I’ve been following recent sale trends.  This bike, new (without any upgrades) would cost $2500.  I won’t go down the “and there’s $XXXX of upgrades” path, but I’ll say that it’s a nice ride.  A very nice ride.  I’ve price checked against the various online bike forums and Evil-bay.  Let’s say that the price is something less than new, and more than $2,000, and see where we end up.  Throw some pedals on, and she’s ready to ride right now.


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