ENVE 29XC Update

Quick Vaya ENVE 29XC update.

  • They’re clearly more aero than regular profile aluminum rims.  Clearly.  Significant advantage in a headwind.
  • The deeper rim section also catches a lot more crosswind.  Even in 25mph winds with a light rider, it isn’t scary, but it’s noticeable.  I’d say that wearing a Camelbak has more of a sidewind impact, but it cannot be discounted.
  • I had previously said that there wasn’t a stiffness difference between these and the Stan’s Crests that I was previously running.  I was wrong.  The ENVEs give a lot more confidence on fast descents.  I had these up to nearly 45mph on the downhills, and they felt palpably stiffer and more responsive than the Crests.  Same hub and spokes, so I attribute it to the rims.  Steering was right now.  Again, very confidence inspiring.

After a few weeks on them, I’m loving them just as I suspected I would.  Wheels are the single best upgrade for your bike.  ENVEs are the best wheels for that upgrade.


3 thoughts on “ENVE 29XC Update

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