Not much blogging this week, but plenty of riding.

This morning, I have a professional obligation that makes me miss the Gravel Metric Training Ride #2, so I rode out to DeKalb for my obligation.  I booked out early, to grab some extra miles.  Wind was a perfect headwind the whole way, 15-18mph with gusts to 25, with little wind-driven rivulets of spite and ice.  Not enough snow to accumulate, but just enough to sting your cheeks, and blow down the road in little white dust clouds, to remind you of the wind you’re battling.  There were times when I was clinging to 12-13mph for dear life, churning the pedals over and over.  I had on my 45Nrth boots, so my feet were warm, but my legs felt like lead weights.  It was the first ride in a long time where I contemplated bailing–where I thought about who I could call to come pick me up, and get me to my meeting on time.  Riding into a constant headwind for 38 miles is demoralizing.  It sapped my will, and my legs.

But I suffered it out, kept riding, and eventually got to turn out of the headwind and roll up to DeKalb.  A quick shower, a Superman duck into a closet to get back into my Clark Kent suit, and now off to a meeting.  After the meeting, a pile of wet bike clothes will be slipped back on so I can ride home.

Today, my ride thus far sucked.  I was lacking some motor, and some motivation.  But I have to log miles to be ready for Almanzo.  So I’ll drop a gear or two, spin up my cadence, and bounce along at 100rpm and 13mph.  Argh.


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