Life’s been gravellicious lately.

Wednesday night was the group ride.  27 miles of feelin’ good.  Here’s the Bionic Teutonic crushing a Rough Road sign.

Tobie and BPaul resplendent in Gore.

There’s a lot of this in my future.

But I’ll be on these…

On the Wednesday night ride, when we turned onto Perry Road (blacktop) to hop across to Crego, there was a ~1 mile stretch where we were pretty exposed to traffic.  I grabbed the drops, put my head down, and spun up to 26mph, holding over 22 on the ‘hills.’  It felt good.  I felt good.

Thursday, I went out for a long solo effort, and put down 50 good gravel miles.  Thanks to some hill repeats at 47 and Main Street, I had about 1500 feet of climbing.  Almanzo will be roughly double both of those figures.  I averaged 16.1mph with a 15mph headwind, and felt really good about my ride–especially the day after the group ride.  I was sporting bibs and wool, and enjoying the ~55 degree temps.  I’m also rocking the Camelbak, in anticipation of this summer’s gravel rides.  Since all the cool bloggers are taking self-portraits, here I am.

love the Vaya.


6 thoughts on “Grrrravel.

    • Paul,

      While it may look precarious in the picture, what you’re seeing is a combination of a hat brim pulled low against the sun, an awkward photo angle, and my massive cranium. It does fit properly–but thanks for the concern!

  1. Sometimes I wished I lived somewhere flat! 50 miles and you had to work hard to get 1500 feet of climbing? Most 50 mile loops in my area come with 4-5000 feet of climbing. I wouldn’t mind something flat every once in a while . . . .

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