Gravel Metric Training Ride #1

The Gravel Metric Training Ride #1 was a success.

I did the dawn patrol ride out to DeKalb with Brendan Gore-cik, sporting his sick Ritchey.

And the sun rose over our shoulders as we headed west.

Once at North Central Cyclery, we grouped up, and talked routes.

We had about 40 riders show, and everyone completed the route.  That included many who “aren’t bikers” and many who had never ridden gravel before.  Fun was had by all.

We did a group rollout of town…

And then hit the rolling hills o’ DeKalb.

The route was 26 miles, on varying surfaces…some loose gravel, some soft, some groomed…some pave.

Here’s Hand of Midas on the Ra*#@H

He’s got a sweet Ti Warbird in the offing…

And that rarest of things…a pic of yours truly…

That’s a good lookin’ Ti Vaya.  Also, note that I was sporting the Gore WS Thermo Lobster Gloves that are coming out this fall.  With temps starting around 25 and going up to around 40, I was comfy all morning–no cold hands, no issues.  Zee Gloves Are Awesomez.

April 13 is the next Training Ride.  40 miles.  Come and get some.



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