Blow the Cobwebs Out.

Last night, a group of us headed out on gravel at 6pm.  We did a nice route–a little under 30 miles, with light wind.  Temps started out around 40, and dropped precipitously.

The first 3 miles out-of-town were easy.  Then we cranked the pace up, and I started hurting.  I had been off the bike for a week–for the first time in a long time–and it caught up with my quickly.  During my several days of illness, I had lost several pounds and dropped back under 150.  That thick phlegmy feeling in the back of your throat…the taste of blood in the back of your mouth…legs of lead, lungs puffing.  I started to get a bit frustrated as the front of the group pulled off–but caught myself, and cut myself some slack.  I settled into a rhythm, and caught back up with the group at the next stop sign.

We took off again, and I focused on just relaxing on the bike.  Having fun.  Pretty soon, I felt in the swing of things again.  When we turned to loop back into town, we picked up the pace considerably, and I felt good–strong even.  My legs felt free and loose, and while I was working at it, I was working at a sustainable pace.  It was a blast.

The Vaya’s going to get a workout in the weeks to come.  It felt good to be back on it, and to get back in the saddle.  One of the riders told me that I’m swinging my knee outwards at the top of the stroke, so working on a fitting is now at the top of my priority list (it’s the second time I’ve heard that comment in 2 months).

Get out and ride folks.  The weather’s changing!  And don’t forget Saturday’s Gravel Metric Training Ride!


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