TRP Hy/Rd Drop Bar Hydraulic Disc Brakes

Bikeradar ran a story about the new TRP Hy/RD (pronounced high-road) drop bar hydraulic disc brakes recently. It’s an interesting concept…they’re not pure hydro–they’re cable over hydro. Unlike TRP’s stem-mounted cable over hydro brakes, these run a cable and housing all the way to the brake.

The master cylinder is integrated right into the brake. You get the benefits of hydro brakes (dual caliper, self-clearancing), without having to run hydraulic brake lines. It’s an interesting concept…and purportedly offers increased braking force as compared to pure cable actuated brakes. Weight is supposed to be on par with a cable-based BB7 brake system.

One interesting application is cargo bikes, which are typically long enough to make running full hydro lines challenging, but which could benefit from the enhanced stopping power of these hybrid brakes.

I’m still waiting for true hydros for the Vaya. We’ll see who gets to market first, and whether we will go SRAM Red or Shimano…Di2?


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