MRP 1x Chainguide, SRAM XX Gripshift, Spearfish.

Last summer, I did a mountain bike ride with a friend who is a very talented rider, and who had recently converted to 1×10.

He dropped his chain with great frequency.

Based upon that experience, one of my goals was to have a good plan for chain retention when I went 1×10 on the Superfish.  The SRAM Type 2 rear derailleur was step 1 of that plan.  Step 2 was some form of chain retention device.  I looked at a bunch of different ones…I really wanted to use a Paul seatpost mounted one, but couldn’t get it to fit quite right.  I looked at E-13 as well.  I looked at the MRP mountain bike chain retention device, but really didn’t like the long, hinky bracket that it came with.  (Of note, with a PF30 bb and no ISCG tabs, mounting a chain retention device on a Spearfish is challenging).  I think the MRP 1x mountain guide would work fine, but I wanted more streamlined…more elegant.  So I decided to try the 1x cyclocross guide.

The seatpost clamp is aluminum; the guide is some sorta fancy-pants plastic.

Chainline is good in all 10 gears.  Here’s the bad news…it didn’t quite clear the chain in stock build.  Accordingly, I had to make up a little spacer and mount it between the clamp and retention loop.

If you look at the right side of the picture, you can see a black spacer between the 2 parts.  It also thus required a longer allen screw.  Time will tell if this is a successful gambit or not. It seems relatively sturdy, but we’ll see.

Running 1×10, I also wanted to be able to dump a lot of gears quickly.  That brought on the thought of throwing on a gripshifter.  A coupl’a trades later, and I had an XX gripshifter.

I’m not sure what grips I’m going to run yet.

I’m also not sure what I think about the mounting of the shifter yet…there’s not a lot of clearance for the brake lever, with it mounted in optimal 1-finger braking position.

We’ll get some miles on the setup, and report back.


6 thoughts on “MRP 1x Chainguide, SRAM XX Gripshift, Spearfish.

  1. I’ve been riding 1×9 on my road-ish bike for a few years now and love it. SRAM Type 2 was a great upgrade, and haven’t dropped a chain since (and I do a decent amount of gravel). Moving to 1×10 (44×11-34) soon!

  2. Wondering if the 1×10 friend had a type 2 rear der? It seems that you’d have to try pretty hard to dump a chain with that. Since you’re 1x you could also do the XX1 crank. IT may require the XX1 chain, but should work fine with the 10x in back and also help prevent dropping chains without the guide.

    I love grip shift and put it on my El Mariachi Ti right away. I had the same exact problem you noticed about the shifter-brake interference. It seems the folks redesigning the brake levers didn’t talk to the grip shift (GS) folks. The ElMar is gone, but I’ kept the GS on my Scott Spark 900 RC. It’s specd with XTR brakes and I was worried about the short lever and the GS – no problems at all. It’s actually easier to reach the brakes. Bonus that the XTRs work 100 times better than the four different Avid brakes I’ve had.

    • He didn’t have a Type 2…but I’m a belt and suspenders kind of guy, anyhow. The MRP Bling Ring tooth profile looks like it is designed for slightly better chain retention, too…

      If I go to an XX1 crank, I’m just going XX1…but I’m only doing that if I find myself missing a low low gear (lower than 34/36).

  3. I just built up a Surly Krampus with almost the same setup as you: X0 crank, MRP Bling Ring, Shimano type 2, 1×10, but no chain guide. I haven’t had any chain drops yet after about 4 hard rides. Should I be worried?

    • I haven’t heard of people having many problems, provided that they have a Type 2 derailleur. That said, I’m a belt and suspenders guy. I’ll let you know if I have issues.

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