Sugoi Firewall Z Glove Update Review

I had previously written positive things about the Firewall Z.  I take it all back.

I’ve used them quite a bit this winter, and was liking them.  In the course of using them, they got dirty and a bit stinky.  Because of that, I did what seemed like a logical step: I washed them.  They had pretty detailed wash directions on the tag, which I followed to a T.

No dice.

The result of washing them was that the inner liner became inextricably twisted in some fashion.  The index finger liner will NOT go back into the outer glove, no matter what you do, nor will the thumb go fully back into the outer.  Accordingly, you cannot pull the gloves on.  I tried to fix the issue using multiple methods, outside assistance, tools, etc.  There is something inextricably screwed up…and since the inner liner is non-removable, the only way to fix them would be to cut it out.

Based on this, my review has changed to a not recommended.  If you can’t wash your gear, what good is it?


2 thoughts on “Sugoi Firewall Z Glove Update Review

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  2. I had a similar experience with some Pearl Izumi lobster gloves, but admittedly, I didn’t even consult the laundering instructions. I took them to REI (not the place from which they were purchased) to execute a warranty claim on PI’s lifetime warranty. REI actually went through quite a bit of effort to try to fix the lining before sending them out. Eventually, though, PI just sent me a replacement set of gloves. Sweet. You should try contacting Sugoi.

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