Gravel Metric is around the corner, folks.

The Gravel Metric - presented by AXLETREE.

It’s still on gravel.

This is a self-supported event.

This is Illinois. The flat part. The course is not extreme or demanding. We’ve got wind, but that’s it. On paper, this “endurance event” should be a cake walk. But, blessed or cursed, we’ve have extreme conditions every year that has given this little ride a reputation. It’s also forced our hand to offer support. This year, we’re going back to our original plan of having “checkpoints” and not “rest stops”. We will not have water for you. You will need to plan on having enough water to get you from start to finish. There will be one gas station slightly off-course that will be noted on the cue sheets.

Because we’re nice human beings, and because we care about other human beings, we’ve had support out on the course due to extreme weather the past couple years. Many people have…

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