Garage Sale

I have amassed a considerable number of parts that I had either used and replaced with an alternate, acquired for a project that has not progressed, or otherwise no longer need.  I am not a huge fan of Evil-Bay, but that will be the next stop for much of this, if it doesn’t find a local home.  Prices are negotiable, depending on how awesome your proposed use is.  Items range from small to huge.  Shipping will be determined based on your location and quantity of items you’re interested in.  Descriptions are accurate, and I’m pretty A/R about maintaining my gear.

If you’re interested in something, click here to email me.

1.  Serfas Speedbag Saddle Bag (Green)

New, never used.  Self-explanatory.  $10.

2.  Profile Design Top Tube Bag (Black)

New, never used.  I have 2 of them.  $5, or 2 for some reasonable multiple of $5.

3.  Selle Royale Respiro Sport Saddle

I have used these on gravel and road bikes.  They have a bit more padding than a truly hard road saddle, and are great for transitioning into hard road saddles.  Also, they have a air-scoop that sends a blast of cooling air to your junk.  What can possibly beat that?  Cool microtex cover with edge guards.  $20.

4.  WTB Silverado Thinline Saddle

New, never used.  Takeoff on a bike I purchased.  $40

5.  Selle Royal Respiro Sport

Respiro #2.  $20.

6.  Bontrager Nebula Plus Saddle

This is a gray, used saddle.  My progression into hard saddles went like this: soft, cushy gel saddle –> Bontrager Nebula Plus –> Selle Royal Respiro Sport –> hard saddles.  It’s in good shape, but looks a bit weathered.  I’m not sure why, because it’s never been left outside.  $5.

7.  WTB SST Saddle

New, never used.  Takeoff on a bike I purchased.  $15.

8.  Salsa Pro Moto 1 Carbon Bars

These are 31.8mm full carbon bars.  11 degree sweep.  660mm, supposed to be 145 grams.  Uncut.  They came on my Spearfish and work perfectly–look like new.  They were replaced with bars that match my wheels, when I came into a deal that was too good to pass up.  $40.  Sold.

9.  Salsa Pro Moto Low Rise XC Carbon Bars.

Again, full carbon, 31.8mm.  These are low rise.  680mm.  They were ridden for about a week, and look like new.  Replaced for the same reason as #7–a deal too good to ignore. $40.  Sold.

10.  Bontrager RL Road Carbon-soled Shoe

These are size 44.  The bottom is scratched, as seen.  I used these as my road shoes for a season.  They are in good shape up top, and have a set of the nice E-Soles insoles.  $20.

11.  Fox Float RP2 Boost Valve Shock

This is a 6.5×1.5″ shock, stock on a Salsa Spearfish.  It was used for 6 months, but looks like new. Functions perfectly.  No bushings.  $65.  Sold.

12.  Salsa 27.2mm Aluminum Straight Seatpost.

Came stock on a bike I purchased; was replaced with a Sweetpost.  It has scratches from insertion (shown), but was only ridden for a week.  $20.  Sold.

13.  Bontrager Paradigm RL Saddle, Ti Rails

This is new, never used, still in original packaging.  $65.  It’s a medium.

14.  Louis Garneau Ergo Air Road Shoes

These are pretty rough on the bottom–composite sole.  They’re a 44.  Free with any other purchase.  Great for backup shoes, if you often forget to bring your road shoes to a ride.  Claimed.

15.  Bontrager Big Earl Platform Pedals

These are the most aggressive platform pedals out there.  They’re perfect for snow fat biking, or any other use that requires big platforms.  They can also be used for self-defense.  Slightly dirty, several decent scratches, but the bearings are solid and they spin perfectly.  $20.  Sold.

16.  Sram Firex SS Crank/bashguard.

Perfect for your 1×10 or singlespeed project.  Includes a GXP, external cup bottom bracket.  This was used on my SS Mariachi for a few weeks until my White Brothers cranks were installed.  Looks like new–still has the annodizing on the teeth.  175mm crankarms.  $50.  Sold.

17.  11-34T 9 speed Shimano HG50

This was used on my Mukluk quite a bit.  Because I’m A/R about cleaning chains and cassettes, it’s in good shape.  Comes with some free Northern Illinois grass stuck in the middle.  I used it as an 8 speed cassette, so the 2nd smallest gear was never used.  $15.

18.  Sram PG1070 11-36T Cassette

Used on my Spearfish a bit–not many miles on it.  Looks like new.  $50.

19.  Stamped 18T Singlespeed Cog

Came stock on the SS El Mar.  $1.93.

20.  Sram PG 1050 11-32T Cassette

Used very briefly on the Vaya; in perfect shape.  $40.  Sold.


21.  120 TPI Big Fat Larry Tires (Set of 2), 26×4.7″

I used this on my Mukluk for about a year.  They saw a lot of use, but are in surprisingly good shape.  No cuts or gashes of any kind.  I had a flat with them once (thorn into the tube), but I cannot find any indicia of the hole from that.  Unless I told you, you wouldn’t know about it.  They have never been set up tubeless.  Perhaps $150 for the 2 of them?

22.  Schwalbe Marathon Mondial 700x40c (Set of 2).

I tried these on the Vaya; they weren’t my thing.  Great tires, super durable, well regarded by many.  They still have the little casting mold nub down the centerline–they’re like new.  These are the evolution line, folding bead.  $120 for the 2.

23.  Octane Fitness Q37e Elliptical Machine.

My wife and I got this a couple years ago, before I started cycling a lot.  We never got into it.  It looks like new, and basically is.  The Octane Q series are kind of the Cadillacs of ellipticals–they have an arm pattern that swings and out a bit as you go, like normal arm swinging (instead of forcing your arms to go straight forward and back in an unnatural fashion).  This falls into the ‘make an offer’ category.  They retail for $2,500, and sell “on sale” for $1700.  It’s a fitness-club grade machine, not consumer-grade.  Obviously, no shipping on this one.


4 thoughts on “Garage Sale

  1. Hi Lawfarm,
    I love your blog and I’m impressed with the Vayatanium!! Beautiful bike. I have an 55cm orange steel frame Vaya. Love the thing. Now selling off other bikes as the Vaya fills a lot of needs. But…..the reason I’m commenting is that I’m interested in the SRAM 11-36 cassette that you have listed for $50. Julie,

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