Things Change.

I was going through some old pictures recently, and came across a few that curled my toes a bit.  I’ve previously talked about the period of time, about 3 years ago now, when I weighed over 200 pounds.  I wasn’t kidding.

Holy Moobs.

This next photo isn’t for the squeamish.  You’ve been warned.

Do not attempt to adjust the contrast of your monitor.  I was just that pasty.

I don’t think I had a chin–it looks like my neck swallowed it.  Good lord.  I don’t remember being fat (overweight, high BMI, whatever you want to call it).  I don’t remember being unhealthy.  Holy crap.  It’s a little bit of a change to now.

These next two pics may be even less forgivable.

If you jump in the way-back machine and go back several road bikes, my first venture into skinny tires was a Trek FX 7.6.

That, in and of itself, is not so terrible.  What’s terrible is what I did to it.

Monster gel saddle, top-tube mounted frame pump, reflectors…and Oh the Humanity…look at that handlebar.

Straight bars for long road rides weren’t comfortable…so I added bar ends to give 2 more positions.  And a mirror to see what was behind me.  And then aero-bars, so I could get out of the wind a bit.  I put in some serious miles on that baby.  I am so glad that there aren’t any pictures of me riding it.  Just combine the previous 4 pictures, and you’ll get the gist.

That’s where I’ve been.  This is where I’m at now.

A lot has changed in 3 years.  Things change.


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