Fatbike Week.

It’s been a fatbike kinda week.

Last Saturday, I fatbiked.  Last Sunday, I fatbiked pulling a sled.  Monday morning, I got up early and rode fat.  Tuesday, I did not ride.

Wednesday night, a group of us headed out to hit the snow.  It was about 30 degrees, no wind, wet snow.  Perfect.

The snow was moist enough to give great traction, but not so mushy that it packed your tires.

Chad was rolling his Muk on Nates.

BPaul was rocking the Necromancer (and a nifty Lazer snow helmet).

Fun was had, snow was found, and a little bit of bike to bike contact was made.

Thursday night I had to work, so when the snow started coming down hard during the day on Thursday, I found a little time in the afternoon to hit the road.

It was snowing hard enough to be accumulating…on me…while riding.

But it was crusty enough to support me on top of a couple inches of snow.

Sporting the Gore, of course.

The trails were in awesome condition.  There were a few wet spots, but it was snowing hard, and the trees were coated.

This shot was taken by accident, as I was riding one-handed shooting pics, hit a hidden hole, and wiped out.  So this was somewhere in mid-air, headed for the deck.

Like I said…perfect.

This snow was wet.  It was sticking to everything.

Ride Axletree.

Friday, I did not bike.  Instead, I did a Daddy Daughter Dance.

And I ate gluten vicariously through my daughter.

That brings us to today.

Conditions were perfect.

We rode trails, fields, paths, woods…

Can you spot the Nevdal?

Tobie limbo-d a low tree crossing.

There was even an impromptu cyclocross hillclimb.

And yes, Lenny was sporting skinnies.

Comparatively, at least.

So I fatbiked snow 6 of 8 days.  That’s pretty hard to beat.

Of note, blogging over the next week or two may be spotty.  I’ve got a few big things going on IRL, and may not be as attentive as I normally am.  Normalcy will resume around the end of February.



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