Fatbike Tubeless Update

I now have a couple months and a lot of miles under my belt with the Ghetto Tubeless setup on my Muk.  I still believe that it’s one of the best fatbike upgrades possible…and one of the most cost-effective bike modifications on the market.

I’ve run my Husker Dus at pressures as low as 3psi front and 4.5psi rear, with no burping and no issues.  I usually run them around 4.5 front and 5 rear…because at pressures much lower, I get a lot of sidewall crinkle.  They’ve done log crossings, mowed powerlines that are filled with little punji-stakes, rocky creekbottoms, and many other challenging conditions, with no issues.  Flotation and traction both seem to be improved over running tubed…not to mention the advantage of losing some rotating mass.

David emailed me to indicate that he got some Husker Dus at my favorite local bike shop, North Central Cyclery, followed the suggestions in my post, and successfully mounted them up tubeless on his Mukluk.


Completed tire/wheel (nice trim job!):

Complete bike:

Nice work…now go get that bike DIRTY!


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