White Industries Eno Cranks, Phil Wood BB Install.

The El Mariachi underwent a bit of a drivetrain upgrade.

Stock drivetrain is a SRAM Firex 32T chainring/bashguard, GXP English BB, basic SS chain and 18T cog.  (Note: Salsa specs for the bike say that it comes with a 16T cog…giving it 32/16 gearing.  In reality, my bike came with an 18T cog, giving it 32/18 gearing.)

Firex cranks weigh in at 762 grams, with bashguard.

GXP BB weighs in at 110 grams.

I don’t have pics of this, so you’ll have to take my word, but a Phil Wood Ti square taper bottom bracket weighs in at 147 grams.  A White Industries ENO 34t crankset with bashguard weighs in at about 600 grams…so a drop of about 130 grams or 0.3 pounds.  That’s not the real purpose of the change, but it’s welcome anyhow.

Stock crank

Alternator dropouts

Removing the stock cranks was pretty simple.  Remove the capscrew on the non-drive side crank, then remove the internal screw.  Thread in your crank removal tool, and pop it off.

The drive-side and axle will then slide out of the BB.  Grab your BB-cup wrench, and unscrew the cups.  (Remember that tightening/loosening BB cups is the opposite of pedals.  Turn forward to loosen, aft to tighten).

Empty BB

Spiffy Phil Wood Ti…

Simple internal retaining rings.  One is marked red; it goes on the drive side.  This one goes on the non-drive side.

You can adjust the crank location laterally in the bike by how you tighten up these rings.  On the El Mar, centered BB = optimal chainline.

Once I confirmed optimal positioning, I unthreaded the rings…

Threw on some loctite…

And tightened them down to spec.

The cranks simply go on the square taper (with a bit of oil on the tapers), and then get torqued to spec as well.

KMC SS chain…

Chris King 17T cog.  (I think I’m going to a 19T).

Slapped the chain on, tightened up the Alternator dropouts, stood back and smiled.

Simple.  Tasty.


6 thoughts on “White Industries Eno Cranks, Phil Wood BB Install.

  1. How are the cranks doing for you….contemplating the same upgrade….gotta decide 32 or 34 as my EM came 33 teeth on the crank.

    • They’re great. The chain ended up being a bit too wide, but otherwise (after throwing a narrower chain on), it’s working perfectly. The cranks are BULLETPROOF.

      • Thanks….am also plotting a Ti EM with Toby…going SS and rigid fork (Carbon) I think…would love to pick your brain on that build. I know you love the Spearfish but for me, just now, I am staying SS and rigid.

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