Going to California

Ok…perhaps I will not be drinking all of my wine or smoking my stuff, but I will be going to California.  I will be taking my chances on a big jet plane.

Solvang, California, to be precise.

4 days of California riding in the California mountains on California bikes.

Trek bikes, to be precise.

Through North Central Cyclery, I have the amazing opportunity to check out Trek Travel with Hand of Midas.  That’s right…this is a no wives, bro-trip hammerfest in the offing.  Since we both ride 56cm frames, we’re going to pick up a 6 series Domane and a 6 series Madone, and compare them back to back, ad nauseum, for the ultimate comparison.  After quite a few miles on the Madone to end all Madones, I have a good handle for how it feels, and I’ll be anxious to compare my Madone 7 to a Madone 6.  I’m also curious how the stock Shimano build (I’m assuming) will compare to the SRAM Red on my bike.

Because I’m assuming the bikes we’ll be riding will be running on alloys, I even threw my spare road wheels on my Madone to get an idea of how it rides without my much-loved ENVEs.  Since they’re Bontragers, I’m hopeful I’ll be able to do a direct comparison of Madone 6 to Madone 7 to Domane 6.  And I’m hopeful to log some serious miles.

There will also be a day of mountain biking, during which I hope to check out the newest race machines from Trek, and see how they stack up.  Frankly, I’m really hoping to check out a Superfly 100 Elite, and see how it compares to my Superfish.

Afterwards, I will wonder how tomorrow will ever follow today.


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