Studded Road

I had a nice, cold gravel ride with Lenny tonight. While we haven’t had any snow yet this year, we did get a bunch of ice. The paved roads were clear but the gravel roads were varied. Some areas were totally clear and some areas were pure glare ice.

Normally I had gravel road you would search out the smoothest part of the road. Tonight, the smoothest part were treacherous and the bumpiest parts were the place to be. In the rough areas little bits of gravel would protrude up through the ice giving great traction. I was really really pleased with how to tubeless tires performed on the Vaya. Running about 35 psi they had far better traction than I had any right to expect. The areas where gravel was in the ice was kind of like the inverse of studded tires–studded road. It was fun in a perverse and challenging way.

Where it was good, it was great. Where it was bad, it was scary not that bad.




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