Superfish Update Part 2: Stem

Ok…this is a non-update update, follow-up to the 1×10 conversion.

I’ve been playing with bike position, and had a pile of stems laying around.  On the Mariachi, the move to a shorter stem was very positive.  On the Superfish, I was very happy with the 100mm stem length and angle.

But you see, I had this unused, beautiful Bontrager XXX stem sitting on the shelf.

Stock aluminum stem is an obscenely obese 152 grams.

Bontrager stem is 120 grams.

30 grams, or .06 pounds.  If you were buying one at a dealer, roughly $10/gram.

I like my light bikes…but the economics of being a true weight-weenie just don’t fully make sense to me.  I could not endorse $10/gram weight savings.  I’m not sure where that cost/weight ratio becomes palatable, but $10/gram isn’t it.

Anyhow, I had the stem, it was the right size, it’s recommended for XC Mountain Bike use and it looks fantastic, so on it went.

Whew.  0.06 pounds lighter.  I can have a couple extra tic-tacs, now.


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