Blbbrbk 2013: Awesome + Event

Here’s the skinny on the fat.

Fatbike, that is.

Fatbike RACE, that is.

Blbbrbk, 2013…combining two of our favorite things: Events and Awesomes.  (Yes, this Event will be sufficiently Awesomes to require the plural).

Let’s get the details out of the way, first:

  • 3 Person Teams.  If you’ve got a team, great!  If you need a team, great!  We’re planning on having a signup/groupup for people who show up without a fatbike, or without a team.  If you’re coming in advance and want to be grouped together, drop us a line here.  If you’re planning on coming and have more than one fatbike in your group, bring them all…we may need extra bikes.  This is a fatbike community event.  Be fat…together.  Riders are encouraged to use 1 bike per team, with handoffs on each lap.  If that isn’t possible because of the size of your riders, we’ll make exceptions.
  • There will be a ~3 mile prescribed route through Afton Forest Preserve.  Click here to find out where that is…  The event format is thus: ride a lap, hop off the bike and pass to teammate, teammate rides a lap.  Teammate passes bike to third teammate, who then rides a lap.  Process repeats until the first to occur of: 1) the passage of 3 hours; 2) a teammate gets consumed by one of the infamous DeKalb Yeti; or, 3) exhaustion sets in.  If you lose a teammate to a Yeti, you are DQ’d–so try to avoid them.  (In case you missed it, Afton was the home of this infamous fatbike video clip).
  • Check-in starts at 9am.  If you’d like to volunteer to help, drop us a line here.  Race starts promptly at 11:00am, CST.   (January 20, 2013).
  • Fatbikes only.  We are defining fatbikes thusly: a) ‘traditional fatbikes’ with 3.7″ or wider tires (Larry, Endo, Big Fat Larry, Husker Du, Nate, Bud, Lou, etc.); and, b) Knards (29+, 3″ wide).  Don’t show up with your 26×2.5 tires and think you’re gonna rock it.  No fat tires, no ride.  And don’t be cute with a ‘fat front’ or some other similar setup.  Fat in front, fat in back.  Because that’s the American way.
This event is fortunate enough to be brought to you by the wonders of Axletree (that’s us), along with a host of glorious supporters.  Those include:
North Central Cyclery, the home of Axletree, and the current residence of a flotilla of fatbikes looking to find their permanent home.
Gore Bike Wear, flatly said, they’re the makers of some of the very best performing, highest quality, well-conceived cycling apparel for all seasons…including winter.
45NRTH, one of the newest, most innovative cycling companies on the market…you know them for their amazing new product list including Wölvhammer boots, studded and non-studded tires, drivetrain components, and apparel.
Afton has some great areas to ride–and this event will be a go, snow or no snow, as long as the ground is frozen.  Because of Illinois’ incredibly bizarre winter, be sure to check back in here, on the Axletree Facebook page, or on our Twitter feed (@axletweet), to confirm that it’s on.  We will post regular updates here, on Facebook, and on Twitter, giving the most current information.  At the very least, check back on the Saturday before the race.
Look closely.  You’ll see a host of 45NRTH Hüsker Dü tires, Gore pants, jackets and gloves, and a bunch of North Central Cyclery fatbikes.

Just to be clear, while this is a part of the amazing winter race series, this is not a points race.  It’s a fun race.  It’s a bragging points race.  It’s a nitty, gritty, rubbin’ is racin’, backwoods, straightaway hammerfest.  Or a delightful romp in the woods.  It is what you make it.  Make it awesomes.

It’s going to be a blast.  Join us, and make it moreso.  We’re encouraging people to indicate their interest in coming on the Facebook Event page.  Click one of the drop us a line here links with any questions.  Ride fat, ride often.


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