Fatbike Tubeless Update

I’ve gotten quite a few miles in on the fatbike tubeless setup, and am very pleased with the results.  I’ve run as high as 30psi, and as low as 3/4 front/rear.  No flats, no burps, no tire retention issues.  I’m pleased enough and confident enough that I trimmed the extra tube off of the tires, before tomorrow’s Eve Eve ride (which I’ve now decided to ride Fat).

I had originally thought that trimming might save 10-20 grams.  To my surprise, it saved a lot more.

64 grams (0.15 pounds), which brings the total weight loss to nearly 2 pounds of rotating mass lost with the tubeless setup.

I also pulled a shiny part out of my parts bin and slapped it on the Muk.  I was previously running a 3×8 setup, to clear BFLs on Rolling Darryls.  Running Husker Dus, now, I can run a full 3×9.  I had a PG990 cassette that I had been saving for a future build which has now been placed on hold, and thus, I slapped it on the Muk.

The stock cassette, even trimmed to 8 gears, weighed 438 grams.

The PG990 weighed in at 290 grams, for a reduction of about 150 grams, or about 1/3 pound.  It’s rotating mass, but at the center of the wheel, so the effect isn’t as dramatic as reducing tire/tube weight.

However, it looks blingtastic with the red hubs.


And it’s nice to be back to a full 9 gears, without a big skip at the end of the cassette.

In related news, in preparation for the ride tomorrow, I threw my aero bars on the Muk.  That’s for 2 reasons: 1) in a monster headwind (if it happens), aero bars really do help…even on a fatbike; and, 2) riding a century plus with flat bars can get tiresome…simply having an alternate way to rest your hands and change your back position can be quite welcome.

She’s all kitted up with my Porcelain Rocket Booster Rocket and Top-Tube pack.  With temps starting at 14 degrees, I’m planning on rocking the Wolvhammers…it will be their longest ride yet.  Tomorrow’s going to be fun.


2 thoughts on “Fatbike Tubeless Update

  1. Hi, when you trimmed the excess off how much did you trim? I assume you did with tire inflated and just trimmed off what you good easily get to…. Is that correct

    • Yup, that’s correct. It works easiest if you use a scissors and just pull the tube through the scissors (instead of cutting with the scissors up and down, just use the scissors as a shear to slice off the extra). If you can have a second set of hands there to help, that’ll make it a little simpler to do.

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