Yes, It Really Works. (Gore and Vulpine Wool).

Yesterday, I did the baptism ride on a new steed currently taking a break in the RATG garage.  More on that later.

I posted yesterday about the Vulpine wool jersey I’ve been wearing of late.  Yesterday was the perfect test.  38-40 degrees, windy, and rain.  The rain was variable from mist to dumping downpours to wind-driven, spite-filled droplets.  I had on my usual under-layers: Gore Singlet and Vulpine wool jersey.  Because of the rain, I went for maximum waterproofishness: Gore Fusion GT AS pants and jacket.  With the rain, I wore my excellent Axletree wool cycling cap, a helmet, and a Gore-tex helmet cover.  I was also wearing my MW-81 Shimano cycling shoes.

Around mile 30, I stopped for these pics.  As you can see, the outside of my clothes were completely soaked.  Completely.

I continued riding for a while, and then headed home.  When I got home, I peeled off the layers of wet outerwear, to find that inside, I was totally dry.

Ridiculously dry.

Amazingly dry.

The singlet and wool jersey did their job in keeping me warm and in moving sweat out, and the Fusion did it’s job in keeping rain outside while not trapping moisture inside.  Seriously impressive–this is how things are supposed to work.  (If you’re wondering, the Napoleon pocket is open because that’s where my camera was).

As an aside, today was a great test for the helmet cover.  Here, you can see the front of my wool cycling cap.  The brim was totally soaked.  It did a great job of keeping the rain off my glasses and face, but was soaked as a result.

However, the top of the cap, which was under the helmet covered in Gore-Tex, was totally dry.  Completely dry.  Even though I was sweating pretty seriously at times, the helmet cover let the sweat vapor out, while keeping me dry.  Keeping your head comfortable is an important step in maintaining the will to cycle on a day like today.


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